Special Educational Needs

In St Joseph’s each class teacher delivers the full curriculum for all children in his/her class at a level appropriate to their ability. Care is taken at all times to match the curricular provision for all children to their particular stage of development. Account is taken of particular difficulties or special talents that children show and every attempt is made to meet their needs by the school’s teaching staff. We follow the Code of Practice in identifying, assessing and supporting children with special educational needs

The initial responsibility for each child’s educational needs rests with the class teacher. Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator manages the whole school programme for pupils requiring support with their learning, and the school provides a range of interventions to support children with particular learning needs. When pupils with special educational needs are identified, parents will be kept informed and these children placed on the school’s special educational needs register. Parents will be invited to the school at regular intervals to discuss their child’s progress and ways in which they can help their child.

Where necessary, advice and support will be sought from the Area Board’s Psychology Service and other relevant agencies. We receive support from a number of Education Authority tutors and through the allocation of additional teaching hours where required. Parents may discuss any issues relating to the Special Educational Needs policy with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator. Where necessary, support is sought from the Educational Psychology Service of the Education Authority. Close liaison is also maintained with other child health professionals including speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and paediatricians.

Our detailed Special Educational Needs policy is available from the school or via the Policies section of this school website.

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